Do you love Sugar Lips sprinkles but need more than 150g at a time?

Or would you like to sell Sugar Lips sprinkles in your store?

If you answered yes to either option then check out the info below.



Pricing for bulk orders is as follows:

a. 500g - $40+GST (this is available on the website here)
b. 1kg–2.5kg - $75+GST/kg
c. 3kg and up - $65+GST/kg

Bulk orders can be made by emailing us at hello@sugarlips.co.nz.  We will then invoice you and, once the payment comes through, will get onto mixing your bulk bag of goodness!   

On the odd occasion we will need to order from our suppliers to be able to fulfil your order, meaning that there could be a delay in finishing your order.  If that is the case we will communicate with you before sending the invoice to make sure you are happy with the process.



If you think our sprinkles would add a bit of extra sparkle and magic to your store (physical or online) please get in touch for an information pack at hello@sugarlips.co.nz.  We would love to bring more smiles to your customers' faces!