Heart-throb Sprinkle Mix

0.15 kg

Heart-throb is a romantic mix of pink, red, white and silver sprinkles. Perfect for adding some love to your Valentine's Day sweet treats. 

Take your baking, cake decorating and foodie creations to the next level. Our sprinkles are perfect for birthdays, celebrations, weddings, baby showers or any event. Make any cake, cupcake, cookie, baking, ice cream sundae, chocolate bark or pretty much anything party-ready! This sprinkle medley contains sugar, nonpariels, confetti, cachous, sugar pearls and glitter stars. 

150g of luxe sprinkles supplied in a heat-sealed, home compostable resealable pouch. 

ALLERGY WARNING: contains gluten

CHOKING HAZARD - this sprinkle mix contains edible but small, hard candy that can pose a choking risk to young children. 

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, maize starch, artificial flavour, carnauba wax, artificial colours, maltodextrin, rice flour, coconut oil, corn starch, potato starch, wheat flour, mica, shellac, beeswax, stabiliser (E460, E464), gum arabic, emulsifier (E472), wheat starch, glucose, xanthan gum, salt


* Please remember that due to variations in your viewing devices and monitors, sprinkle colours may vary slightly.