How do I care for my sprinkles?

We recommend storing your sprinkles in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight as certain colours (especially pink, purple) can fade. Our compostable pouches will stay strong for around 12 months, but to keep your sprinkles ultra fresh we recommend storing them in a glass jar for long term storage.

How long will my sprinkles last?

Our sprinkles have a best before date of 12 months. As they are mainly sugar they may be fine for a while after if you store them in a cool, dark place. If in doubt, give them a sniff - if they have a playdough type smell instead of a sweet smell you know they're getting a bit past it! 

Are sprinkles safe for everyone?

Some larger sprinkles and metallic dragees are very hard so can pose a choking hazard. We don't recommend giving sprinkles to children under 3, and that older children consume them under adult supervision at all times. Our petite mixes are a safer choice. The gluten free mixes also tend to not have the large hard sprinkles. Contact us if you're not sure what to choose. 

Where are my sprinkles made?

We source our sprinkles from various manufacturers from NZ and overseas, and create our luxe sprinkle mixes in a food safe environment at our home in Christchurch, NZ. We custom colour some sprinkles to get the unique shades we are after. 

What ingredients are in my sprinkles?

See each sprinkle mix product description for their ingredients list. We do have some gluten-free and vegan sprinkles. Get in touch with us if you unsure about any ingredients. 

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes we love custom mixes! You can order here: www.sugarlips.co.nz/products/custom-sprinkle-mix 

Can I pick up?

If you are in Ōtautahi (Christchurch) then absolutely.  We do contactless pick up so you can let us know when you want to pick up and we can leave them for you to collect. This means you can pick up outside of business hours as long as you prearrange it. 

What about returns?

For food safety reasons we cannot allow sprinkles to be returned or exchanged. We pack your orders with loving care, but if you do find a problem with your order please get in touch.

Can we collab?

We love collaborating and building relationships with other sprinkle lovers and bakers! Get in touch with us on Instagram and we'll take it from there x