What began as a sprinkles side hustle is now so much more.  At Sugar Lips we create sprinkles that are bolder, brighter, funner (sure it's a word!) and more luxe than your average.  And we complement our Sugar Lips Sprinkles with decorating and baking tools and treats to help you truly celebrate those magic moments in your life. 

Our passion is to inspire confidence and creativity in the kitchen. So whether you're embarking on an elaborate cake design, or just making the most extra fairy bread ever, you can have fun and know you've got this!

Food should be fun - not anxiety inducing.

We're a small business with a big heart. You can probably tell we are head over heels in love with sprinkles and fun, but we also care about doing good in the world, both supporting people, and caring for the environment.  Check out our info about our social impact and sustainability.


Beks was a caker who started Sugar Lips as a side hustle with a dream to share her love of top quality sprinkles with New Zealand bakers.  An O.G. sprinkle lover, Beks amassed quite the collection over the years but found herself constantly tinkering to get the perfect mix of sprinkles she needed for her sweet creations. And so the Sugar Lips journey began, soon taking over from the cakes and the rest is history. Beks is married to Andy, with three young children and lives in Ōtautahi (Christchurch). 



Andy joined Beks as Sugar Lips grew and now oversees the logistical side of the business. Andy has been working away bringing order to Beks' chaos (read creativity). He brings to the table some kick ass operational skills and a passion for doing business in a way that makes a difference in our community. He also has the extreme pleasure of being Beks' husband!