We love glamour and glitz and a bit of sparkle, but we also love the planet and look to be as sustainable as we can with what we do at Sugar Lips.

We are stoked to be one of the 2021 finalists of the Girls in Business Awards in the 'Excellence in Sustainability'.

When Beks started Sugar Lips she knew she wanted to do it differently.  So many sprinkles from around the world come in plastic bottles, many of which aren't even recyclable. So from the get-go we have used home-compostable pouches for our sprinkles.  We started out with recycled plastic courier bags, so we weren't adding more plastic to the environment, but have since moved to home-compostable courier bags as well.  (If a product says it's compostable it's worth checking if they mean home or commercial - commercially compostable items can't be composted at home because they need more heat to break down).

Those are the obvious ones that you probably already know about.  But on top of that we are always looking for ways to avoid plastic where we can. 

We use paper bags where we can for pick-up orders - recyclable and compostable.  

If you receive anything from us wrapped in plastic bubble wrap, rest assured that it came to us wrapped around ingredients and we have saved it to reuse.  If we ever need to bubble wrap something and don't have any on hand we use a paper based alternative. 

Those who have ordered silicon moulds off us may have noticed that we try to avoid plastic packaging.  Others might wrap them to make them seem more hygienic, but we figure that you're gonna want to wash them before your first use anyway, so adding plastic wrap is unnecessary. 

Essentially, anything plastic that you receive from us came to us like that, and we are constantly on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives.  

That way we can keep improving our service to you and keep having our cake and eating it too!

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